Metal Racks

You need to organize things in your workshop, but you don't know how? Get your metal racks. They are absolutely free to withstand the hardest bits of tools, with a load capacity of up to 330kg. You can choose from several types, shelf sizes, but also the way you want to mount racks. Anyone can handle it, but handling it is completely light and hassle-free.

An ideal solution for anyone who does not know how to store all their belongings, because they do not have enough space or are afraid that the load capacity of ordinary types of furniture is not enough for his things. Metal racks carry several times more than their own weight. They are simply folded, can be placed in any environment, because their surface treatment is suitable even for more demanding conditions, not to be used.
Be the Lords of your space

You no longer have to worry that your belongings will not be stored. Metal racks will help you with this. Choose in our shop and you will surely be surprised by the countless possibilities you get in buying metal racks.