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Benefits of Owning an Oak Whiskey Barrel

The primary purpose of oak barrels were for the means of transportation and is actually used for more than 2000 years. The fact is, the benefits that one could acquire from oak aging wines were only discovered by accident. Oak barrels in the early Mesopotamian people uses clay pots in order to transport wine, but was however quite heavy. When the Roman empire moved westward to modern day France, they had came across some people that uses oak barrels on transporting beer and they saw the advantages of it being lighter and a material that’s easier to construct.

Some benefits of wine stored in oak wooden barrels are as follows:

One reason why oak is used for whiskey is due to its unique physical and chemical nature. Oak actually has physical strength and its wide radial rays in fact gives strength if this is shaped for a cask.

Another thing is that oak is pure wood compared to rubber or the pine trees that comes with a resin canal which will give strong flavors for a maturing whisky.

But it is in fact not only oak but the transformation that happens on the oak because of the seasoning and heating treatment during its coopering process that resulted in the production of pleasant-tasting oak lactones.

Whiskey barrels from oak actually have three broad effects towards the spirit.

As a Form of Additive

It adds to the aroma as well as taste of the spirit by giving this the elements desired from the cask. Some examples would be oak lactone, vanillin, wood sugars, toastiness and color.

Removes Undesirable Elements

This also works as an agent that removes undesirable element from the new make spirit like immaturity and sulphur compounds.

Interacts with Spirit

The oak barrels also interacts with the spirit where it is going to add an extractive wood element from the cask and it actually converts it to organoleptically desired elements.

The chemistry of the chosen oak barrel impacts different qualities and amount of flavor and texture that depends on the method how this is manufactured and what oak is used. Both the American oak and French oak have different flavors. When its slats are sawn, this will give a different result if it were sawn. Staves of which were air dried actually are different compared with those which were dried by using heat of kiln. Even for the method of bending, the staves will give important variables at the time of its manufacturing process. The creation of an oak whiskey barrel can be really complex, but you can now easily get one by buying it online.

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