Who did not experience problems with water or sewage connection, then slowly does not even know that any connection near his house exists. And this is every building connected by the connection to the public sewer. The repair of the connection is expensive and it has not yet come to talk about the reduced standard of living and new wrinkles on the forehead, so it pays to invest right into its construction.
The connection, that's the thing that made us famous. We will expose the connection to you, repair, install the non-return valves, build home risers, exhibit cesums, septic tanks, water and sewer shafts and more. We also have domestic biological wastewater treatment plants and grease separators from kitchen waste.
We understand that there are many unreputable craftsmen around the world, we certainly do not belong to them and we have price lists on our site and we are able to process the offer within 24 hours. You know exactly how much the connection will stand.