Christmas without Christmas?

Maybe even you will recall the words of the famous Czech song in the word of Christmas, where she sings about the aunt, who will bake Christmas on Christmas every year. The result is probably not successful, for the Christmas is ending as a dish for a cat. However, the mentioned aunt will not give up, because we hear it again in a year. And that's good. Will you try your homemade Christmas this year too? There is no need to worry, a leaflet Albert will give you detailed advice on how to make the result better than in the mentioned song.

Knitting and Fading
In advance, however, prepare for the fact that the Christmas is not possible to rush. If you don't have enough time, don't even let it. However, if you have time and taste, make sure to prepare for the afternoon and the evening of 22. And the result will be great. The preparation of the Christmas is not very demanding, the longest time it needs to be very good. And so far you make a mug of grog or mullet wine, the leaflet Albert put on the table in front of you and breathe a while.